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How Can Business Data Intelligence Be Used to Increase Online Sales? A Complete Guide

What is Business Data Intelligence?

Business Data Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of approaches, tools, and procedures that transform raw data into valuable information. This then motivates successful business operations. Business Data intelligence (BI) refers to a group of tools and services that turn data into useful knowledge and effective intelligence.

The strategic and operational business decisions of an organisation are directly impacted by business Data Intelligence. Business Data Intelligence tools analyse data to produce summaries, reports, maps, charts, and dashboards that provide in-depth information about the nature of the business.

Use of Business Data Intelligence Services

(A). Comprehensive Customer Analysis

Customers now engage with businesses in various ways. Websites, emails, social media, chatbots, direct calls, and many more are examples of these. So they collect data from multiple sources. Business intelligence combines this data from several sources to provide a complete view of the customer. Basic data analysis simply provides an understanding of what is occurring (which strategies worked and which did not). BI goes a step further and evaluates the most likely causes of a specific strategy's success or failure. Additionally, this helps in establishing a casual relationship for a deeper examination of consumer preferences and behaviour.

(B). Determine Key Areas to Reduce Costs

Using business intelligence tools, you can decide which sectors of your company, such as marketing and inventories, can cut costs. It's possible that you have extra inventory, which results in additional costs for purchase and maintenance. You can take the appropriate steps/actions to increase your savings once you've determined where you can cut costs and increase production.

(C). eCommerce Business Intelligence

The main component that defines the success of an eCommerce company venture is the availability of accurate and timely data. To present data that can help in decision-making, a number of business intelligence service providers create business intelligence in eCommerce. For instance, some of the necessary data/information includes:

  • Product Trend Analysis

  • Reports on Inventory, Sales, Marketing

  • Superior Performers (Most profitable customers, Advertising Campaigns etc)

  • Margin Evaluations (Cost and Profitability of products)

  • Trend Evaluation

(D) Securing Company from Online Threats

Some of the most common but dangerous online risks to businesses include malware attacks and data breaches. The importance of purchasing retail business intelligence services and solutions that include cutting-edge security tools and powerful analytics can thus be seen in the above. Modern business intelligence tools protect your company from malicious threats and hackers.


Business intelligence solutions can be used by both small and large companies to improve all aspects of their operations, from customer interactions to budgeting. Contact Data Spectors if you require Business Intelligence Consulting services. As a reputable IT-enabled service provider with a presence in United States, UAE and India, we excel at offering eCommerce business intelligence services, such as Data Intelligence, Data Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, and Product Data Management.

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