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eCommerce Sales account for 19.7% of total retail growth around the world. As of 2019, eCommerce sites account for 14.3 % of all retail sales in the United States. Statistics also indicated that by 2023, the US eCommerce market would be worth $230 billion.

The figures alone indicate that the US eCommerce market has enormous development potential. They do, however, point to increased rivalry in the eCommerce space. While technology advancements have provided opportunities for internet businesses, they have also presented a number of obstacles. To begin with, establishing an eCommerce business is a difficult task. It necessitates a wide range of professional skills, including site development, Product Catalog Administration, Marketing, and Customer service, to mention a few.

Even after the site is up and operating, getting adequate traffic and attracting new consumers is difficult. The majority of online retail businesses fail to provide a great client experience and so fail to establish a name for themselves. Project Managers with the efficiency to manage operations while adhering to the needs of the US market are needed by eCommerce enterprises.

Potential of a Business Savvy Team

Data Spectors has a team of experts ready to assist you in establishing a profitable online retail business.


Our team of experienced eCommerce business managers and marketers is familiar with the nuances of the US retail sector, having worked with more than 70 US-based clients.

Strong and Thorough understanding of the online retail market in the United States

Data Spectors crew is well-versed in the online retail marketing industry in the US and has a good grasp on customer preferences.


Our expertise with the US market and competition helps us provide our clients with reliable shipping and logistics services. We are constantly willing to advance in order to assist you in your development.

Price Comparison Analysis

We are in a position to provide competitive information to our clients because we have worked in the US online retail business for so long.


We can give vital competitor pricing analysis and price comparison services thanking to our extensive understanding of the US online retail market. These tools are useful for determining pricing while ensuring an increase in sales and profit.

Get Started Today with Data Spectors

Let's get started on growing your eCommerce business right now! Contact Data Spectors when you're ready to take your business to the next level with a partner who works harder so you don't have to. We've got your back, thanks to our extensive years of eCommerce experience.

Data Spectors can help you build out your new eCommerce Store, evaluate and improve your existing store, or keep up with the increased demand and customer service requirements that come with a growing business.

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