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Tune your B2B Order Management Services to drive more Sales and Revenue

Customer behaviour has shifted dramatically as B2B eCommerce business potential have grown. Today's business purchasers anticipate a sophisticated purchase experience with ease and comfort, similar to a B2C scenario. It's also critical to optimise order management processes from quote through fulfilment in order to please this growing group of B2B buyers. B2B businesses with structured sales processes report a 28 percent increase in revenue.

But the days of manually processing orders in silos and preserving data on spreadsheets are long gone. An integrated approach with a combination of B2B order management software and a sound strategy to optimise workflow is required for a streamlined order management system.

For both online and offline sales modules, Data Spectors provides end-to-end support to expedite the order management process. We optimise the essential steps involved in purchasing orders using a combination of human intelligence and order processing technologies to improve process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Data Spectors, as a professional eCommerce management solution provider, knows the value of streamlined product information to your business, as well as the impact of poor product data on your firm's performance and, sales.
So, we recommend you to comprehensive solutions for your eCommerce site as well as a wide range of eCommerce Product Catalog Services. In a nutshell, we take care of getting your shop up and running, as well as managing and maintaining your product information and catalog.

Our Key Functions Include

Order Processing

We have a team of experts who can quickly and accurately manage order inputs and quote requests from your customers. Our professionals have been trained to assist in the processing of multi-channel entries.

Quotes and RFQs

We assist business managers in preparing estimates that meet the needs of their customers. We work with vendors and use automated software to gather the information needed to prepare price quotes and RFQs.

Order Fulfilment

We provide a variety of fulfilment options that can be tailored to your specific needs. Warehouse and distribution, return management, credit card processing, cash management, and other services are all available through us.

Order Tracking

Customers can use our services to track and trace their shipments or orders. Customers will be notified on time about the projected delivery date, shipment details, order submission, and postponement information by our experienced team of B2B order management professionals.

Inventory Management

We help you in gaining better inventory control by giving regular updates on product availability and amount, as well as the information needed to refill as needed.

Reporting and Analytics

Our team provides detailed reports on your operational efficiency and effectiveness by tracking performance indicators such as SLAs, turnaround time, and transaction accuracy. The data can be used to improve process and streamline operations.

Order Modification/
Cancellation Support

Provide timely great service during eventualities to keep your customers as regular delighted clients. Allow Data Spectors to assist customers with rescheduling, cancellations, damaged goods returns, and item substitution ideas.

Won’t you like to overcome B2B Order Management Challenges?
Partner with Data Spectors Now!

Multi-Channel Order
Management Support

Our order management support strategy can be tailored to meet your channel's individual requirements. We let you effortlessly integrate sales channels, upload and track orders, inventory, customers, and fulfillment data from various channels in real-time with the help of order management software.

Seamless Approach for all your Order Management Needs

Most B2B organizations find it difficult to keep track of the order process and manage inventories globally. We've helped a lot of B2B businesses by entering product quantities, invoices, packaging, drop-ship goods, product returns, and backorders into a consolidated system, giving you quick access to orders from beginning to end.

Extensive Customer Support

We manage your customer service throughout the whole buying cycle. Our B2B order management service professionals will swiftly and pleasantly respond to your customers' emails and phone calls, as well as their doubts, queries, and concerns. For a better buying experience and higher customer satisfaction, we also provide real-time order status and automatic updates on shipment and delivery information to customers.

Customer Experience

Customers might indeed find product information that is clearly detailed and organized. This raises the likelihood of conversion and the opportunity to upsell similar products in conjunction with their purchase.

Outsourcing B2B Order Management Services to Data Spectors gets you

Our B2B order management services are tailored to fit the specific demands of each business. With the necessary expertise and significant experience, we can guarantee 100 percent error-free order administration and processing support. You can acquire access to Data Spectors B2B Order Management Services by outsourcing them.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

  • Increased Operational Visibility

  • Multi-Channel B2B Order Management Support, and

  • Robust Data Security Architecture

Get Started Today with Data Spectors

Let's get started on growing your eCommerce business right now! Contact Data Spectors when you're ready to take your business to the next level with a partner who works harder so you don't have to. We've got your back, thanks to our extensive years of eCommerce experience.

Data Spectors can help you build out your new eCommerce Store, evaluate and improve your existing store, or keep up with the increased demand and customer service requirements that come with a growing business.


eCommerce Solution

Before reaching your customers, our quality assurance professionals will double-check your product data. When you outsource product data management to Data Spectors, you can be certain that the information you present to potential customers is highly accurate.

Data Accuracy

Our eCommerce Product Data Management experts are experienced with all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. We can work with Amazon, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, FreshDesk, Seller Active, eBay, Zalando, Tradebyte and WooCommerce just as well as any other platform.

Data Security 

As your Product Data Management partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. In accordance with IT Standards, we have an established Information Security Management to safeguard the confidential information you have.

Expertise with

eCommerce Platforms

The scope of your Product Data expands as your business grows. With our experienced team and cutting-edge technology, you'll have continuous access to Product Data Management Services at every step of your company's growth.

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