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Walmart Marketplace is an outstanding core channel for both established and emerging businesses to drive sales revenue, acquire market share, and improve brand awareness, with over 130 million monthly visitors and counting.


We focus on offering a flawless online shopping experience that fosters better customer engagement and long-term sales growth with a full range of managed services.

Walmart Account Management Solutions

Sales Strategy and Reporting

Every businesses require a road map to help them on their journey to sales success. Account managers develop integrated sales strategies to differentiate offers and position products for success across a diverse set of markets, customer segments, and categories on Walmart Marketplace based on careful consideration of your sales and brand goals, as well as an objective review of pricing and market conditions.

Services Include:

  • Seasonal Sales Forecasting

  • Holiday Sales Forecasting

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Price Tracking & Repricing Management

  • Promotions Planning, Scheduling & Optimization 

  • Sales Reporting & Analysis

Site Merchandising

Brands must do far more than simply list their products on their websites. To encourage customers to buy, they must answer product-related questions before they are asked, give visually exciting pictures, and communicate with them extensively. Our eCommerce professionals creatively explain the value propositions of your products to connect with customers and boost sales by analyzing market trends, brand positioning, and page optimization benchmarks.


Services Include:

  • Merchandising Strategy

  • Category & Product Assortment Strategy

  • Product Listing Creation & Optimization

  • Merchandising Calendar Management

  • Marketing Process Alignment

Digital Marketing and Advertising

It's difficult to effectively drive sales. To achieve favorable results, you'll need relevant keywords, data-driven copywriting, optimized graphics, and an engaged customer audience. Our marketers create personalized plans to boost product visibility, raise brand awareness, and generate demand wherever your customers are located in order to position your brand and products for success.


Services Include:

  • Digital Advertising Strategy

  • Brand Strategy Alignment

  • Walmart Advertising Budget Creation & Management

  • Walmart Advertising Campaign Phasing

  • Walmart Advertising Campaign Optimization

  • Walmart Advertising Sponsored Products Ad Management & Reporting

  • Walmart Media Group (WMG) Management & Reporting

Inventory Management

Knowing what you have, where it's stocked, and how much you'll need to fulfill future customer demands is the key to effective inventory management. Our account managers create predictions and custom tools based on tried-and-true inventory management best practices to ensure that you are always well-positioned to respond to demand variations and avoid costly stock-outs. Our managers help you enhance supply efficiency by exploiting time-phased demand signals to free up precious working capital that would otherwise be stranded in inventory.


Services Include:

  • Demand Planning Forecasts

  • Third-Party Fulfillment Replenishment Planning

  • Merchant Fulfilled Replenishment Planning

  • Third-Party Supply Shipment Monitoring

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