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To make lucrative decisions for your eCommerce business, use data-driven intelligence. Data Spectors provides eCommerce Business Intelligence to assist in making better decisions in order to increase efficiency and profits.

Data Spectors business intelligence solution enables you to drill down into the details of every data point related to your company in order to get a comprehensive picture of what's going on in the market. You can successfully use the obtained data, predict behavior, and take proactive measures to boost conversions and increase revenue with our strategy, team, and technology.

Imagine having the ability to make faster and better judgments; the ability to understand and empathize with your customers on every level so that you can deliver the greatest possible solution; and the ability to thrive and excel in comprehending the current market. And, owing to retail business intelligence technologies, it's possible in real time.

What to Expect from Data Spectors Business Intelligence Solutions?

Data Spectors Intelligence service aids in the identification of trends and the deciphering of patterns in order to provide an easy-to-understand analysis of your company's history. Our competitive intelligence system is built to give accurate and useful insights into thousands of your competitors, as often as you need them.

We track competitor information using a combination of cutting-edge technology and human skill to help you give the appropriate product to your customer at the right moment.

Automated and Manual Approach

According to Data Spectors, a product description should elicit the same level of awareness and demand for a product as if the buyer were shopping in a physical store. It has a significant impact on purchasing behavior. And we're specialists at telling your customers the proper brand story, not only via product descriptions but through every piece of content on your site.

Intelligence Driven Performance

eCommerce MAP Analysis

Our software expertise and support helped a recent customer reduce their MAP breaches from 97 to 20 (almost 80%) in only a few weeks after they approached us with a stack of reports on their brand's MAP Violators. This timely approach helped save their brand equity in the market by preventing a negative impact on their brand value and product pricing.


  • Our expertise assists in the investigation of online merchants who breach MAP regulations.

  • We offer data on MAP violations, including the volume and frequency of infractions across product categories and types.

  • Our data is free of unnecessary material, presented in an easily understandable way, and does not require any filtering.

Competitor Price Analysis

We understand how important it is for all of your products to retain a strong competitive pricing position in the market. We help small and medium businesses obtain a competitive advantage by using our competitor price analysis technique.

Use the power of our Retail Business Intelligence Solution to:

 • Take advantage of price-cutting opportunities by gaining precise insights into one-on-one product comparisons with your competitors.

• Responding rapidly to price fluctuations among your competitors will help you gain market share.

• Provide the best purchase suggestions to customers with our thorough pricing analytics across numerous product types, categories, and brands.

Competitor Cross Referencing

Our service best benefits you by giving a full audit report of your competitors' products, as well as a one-on-one comparison of your own. Use these data to present your customers with the finest possible product suggestions and recommendations. Our technology-based cross-referencing support also makes your goods searchable on your eCommerce website.


• Business intelligence solutions are cost-effective, allowing you to satisfy your company's goals while staying within your budget.

• By suggesting upgrades and downgrades, we aid cross-selling and up-selling of bundled items.

•Your customers have access to a complete information of all your competitors' products, allowing them to make smarter purchasing decisions

Digital Asset Management

Managing large sets of images takes a lot of time. You can arrange images in one centralized area and search them quickly with Data Spectors Digital Asset Management. Every user has flexible access to our technology, which ensures that content development is expedited.


• Manage and distribute digital assets for products across all interaction points.

• Empower Omni-Channel tactics to reduce time-to-market.

• Use efficient graphic methods to strengthen your brand and increase sales.

Shopping Feed Creation

A high-performing eCommerce campaign is powered by high-quality product data. However, creating a shopping stream is a difficult task. Use our expertise in creating shopping feeds to generate low-effort feeds and high-performing product advertising.

Our Shopping Feed creators have extensive experience with all of the major shopping comparison sites. We make feed administration easier by optimizing your product feeds for channels like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, among others.


• Reduce the time it takes for your items to reach the market.

• Enhance your product data regardless of the destination.

• Boosting your reach and sales.

Business Data Intelligence Designed to showcase your Intelligence

When you utilize eCommerce Business Intelligence to transform your raw business data into something understandable, you gain a new perspective that can help you make better decisions. Furthermore, the story is based on data that has been verified.

eCommerce platforms store a massive amount of data, such as sales, competitors, and statistics. Making sense of unprocessed data is challenging, and most business owners don't have the time to look up through massive datasets in search of good opportunities.

Data Spectors comes to the rescue! We provide adaptable Business Intelligence Solutions to help you boost earnings and sales, minimize costs, and make better use of your limited resources.

Get Started Today with Data Spectors

Let's get started on growing your eCommerce business right now! Contact Data Spectors when you're ready to take your business to the next level with a partner who works harder so you don't have to. We've got your back, thanks to our extensive years of eCommerce experience.

Data Spectors can help you build out your new eCommerce Store, evaluate and improve your existing store, or keep up with the increased demand and customer service requirements that come with a growing business.

Simplified Reports

We develop a one-of-a-kind report that eliminates any unnecessary information. We will deliver the results to you as a dashboard or a price matrix with filters, allowing you to swiftly process the most important data.

Data Security

As your Business Intelligence partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. As per IT Standards, we have an established Information Security Management to safeguard your the confidential information you.

Custom Alerts

Price alerts/notifications will be provided to clients through email to keep them informed of price changes as they occur. When your merchants break your MAP agreements, we send out immediate alerts through email.

Data Accuracy

Before reaching your customers, our quality assurance professionals will double-check your product data. When you outsource Business Intelligence to Data Spectors, you can be certain that the information you present to potential customers is highly accurate.

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